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74% report sustained healthy
behavior changes

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90% report positively influencing
family and friends

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Over 80% report academic completion
and/or job placement
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85% decrease in cell
phone “screen time"

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participants explain why

Our programs go deeper

into behavior change

Participants explain why


Our Signature Program:
Teen Battle Chef

A semester-long nutrition education program that builds culinary and life skills.

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Teaching Kitchen Models

Hospitals and practitioners with teaching kitchens – we can support you to achieve the best sustained behavior changes for health and weight management.

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School & Community Educators

Choose the program that’s right for you and become trained to deliver quality culinary programing.

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Praise for FamilyCook


Look Who's Cooking 3rd Grade Student, Samiya

Yakima, WA

Cooking class has encouraged me to cook more at home because I learned my way around the kitchen and I like cooking - I think it's nice to cook for others!


Willow Students' Parent, Laura R.

New York, NY

My girls (ages 2 and 4) were in your Willow class last week. We have made and served bunny salad almost a half dozen times since then! Ellie went shopping with my husband on Sunday and she INSISTED that he buy kale. Skeptical, he bought it, and the girls made it for us that night. We’ve been gobbling it up ever since. I just had some now! It was supposed to be for lunch, but I couldn’t wait.


Teen Battle Chef Student's Parent

Queens, NY

My daughter is generally shy and self conscious about her weight. I have been amazed at how she has changed because of this program. She is motivated to have a career in food and hence, be a better student. She is eating more of the healthy things I am trying to provide and her self confidence in public, doing those battles is amazing – thank you for including my daughter in your leadership program.


Look Who's Cooking Instructor, Reiko, 4th Grade Teacher

Old Saybrook, CT

The program was a fabulous supplement to the Native American curriculum and provided memorable references for us in class.


Teen Battle Chef Student

Bronx, NY

[TBC] had a good impact because it wasn’t just eating healthy… it was… a lifestyle change, …being open and making time to do things that are … important for you…make you feel good.


Teen Battle Chef Instructor

Tampa, FL

My students were all smiles the entire day. What a great way to gently nudge students out of their comfort zone and experience ideas, cultures, and cuisines that were once unbeknown to them. I love to see the learning process extend beyond the classroom!